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Even if I realize I made mistakes and have flaws, it's done. Did I hurt myself? One more reason to care for tomorrow and this will require my total focus in order to overmatch myself.

Due to its nature, taking stock takes less time than planning. Taking stock focuses on facts that have already occurred, while planning requires reflection on possibilities, dealing with unknown, treading paths never travelled, or treading them in different circumstances.

There is no need to stretch on the concept of taking stock. We know what went wrong, even if we cannot understand exactly why. Acceptance of result paves the way to understand the causes and at least we become aware of paths we should not tread.

Instead of making a detailed balance that will exhaust our already depleted energies, it is urgent to move on and plan a new tomorrow which prospect encourages us.

During the new planning phase, the added value of past and reflected experiences lights the way. Likewise, the investigation and analysis characteristic of a planning phase will bring continuity to reflection on the causes for errors and failure.

Proceeding as recommended above, we will avoid stalemate, dragging pain, and the descent into depression, which only bring additional problems to someone who already feels in bad shape.

Being lucid takes tremendous courage, but it heralds victory. Life favours the brave.

Why not ask a friend to help us be courageous, to keep us company in our first steps, instead of making them a target of our dejection?

What do we really want, to feed the wounded ego or cheer the sad soul?

It is not Life, it is always us and what we choose to do with our lives.

Ana Isabel Freitas - Coach and Mentor


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