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Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji

Mastery is developed by validating through actual experience what one had learnt from Life and from the Master(s).

There is no Mastery without a Master, just as there is no human life without parents.

The Guru is literally and figuratively the Light that dispels the darkness of ignorance.

A human being who does not recognize his Masters reveals ingratitude.

This page represents my humble tribute to Master.

Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji manifested in physical body between 1970 and 1984. His coming was foretold in ancient scriptures and was prophesied by a 20th century Indian saint, Mahendra Maharaj who prepared His arrival.

In 14 years, without digital media, His discreet Presence in a small village in the Indian Himalayan foothills (outer belt), attracted thousands of visitors and disciples from the four corners of the planet. This prodigy in addition to many others was witnessed and documented by those who accompanied him.

My testimony

I always asked for the Truth, the truest Master. Master led me to Himself so clearly that I would be blind or false if I did not acknowledge Him.

I translated the book "Teachings of Mahavatar Babaji" based on the notes collected by the disciples who accompanied him.

Babaji's words address your heart.

Babaji's Teaching included important revelations about the troubled times ahead, warning that humanity would have to face great dangers during this Age in which materialism increased and spiritual life declined.

The main purpose of His coming as a human manifestation in this historical moment was to bring transformation to the minds and hearts of Man. He came in order to remove confusion and evil from mankind. To those who asked about religion He replied, "Follow the religion that is in your heart."

As the Honourable C.P.N. Singh, Governor of Uttar Pradesh said, "There is no difference between His speech and His action."

About mysterious Anastasia

Between myth and reality, the hermit of Siberian Taiga achieved great notoriety in Russia and the world, transmitted knowledge and inspired the writing of 10 books published and translated into more than 20 languages.

Many clubs, associations and eco-villages have been formed in Russia to share and put into practice the knowledge transmitted by Anastasia.

Just like Haidakhan Babaji, from seemingly nowhere, she has made her message reach the four corners of the earth.

Although she manifests highly developed psychic, mental and physical powers, including the ability to visualize and heal from a distance, to read minds and to have a prodigious memory with access to past events and forgotten knowledge, Anastasia claims that her powers are natural and inherent to Man and describes exactly how any one of us can recover them.

When Vladimir Megre, an Ob River trader, discovered Anastasia in 1995, she was living alone in the remote desert of Siberia, Russia. She is one of the few surviving members of the ancient Vedic civilization, whose extraordinary powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today.

She was born in 1969 and before the age of 3 she lost her parents who died in an accident in the forest, so she was looked after by her grandfather and great-grandfather.

Anastasia lives in a unpopulated area with no warm clothing, no food crops and no artificial shelter, in perfect health, feeding on fruits, nuts, berries and mushrooms brought to her by 'wild' animals with whom she coexists in peace, harmony and collaboration.

Anastasia commissioned Vladimir Megre to publish in book form the knowledge and predictions she imparted to him during his visits to the Siberian Taiga glade. The collection was called "Ringing Cedars of Russia".

The Ringing cedars of Russia Collection

The first 6 books were translated into Portuguese and were published by Joanne Gribler who was unable to continue the project.

Some of the published books are out of print and the rest can only be acquired through Joanne. They are no longer available from Maitreya Publications.

The collection is translated into English - from Book 1 to 8.2 - and made available online by Australians, here.

The translation into Spanish has already started and the first 3 titles have been published. You can find them here.