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What is Being Focused

O que é o ter foco

There is a lot of talk about Focus and that is very good in it. It means that people take interest in valuable things.

However, it is necessary to talk about subjects in depth and good understanding so that the discussion is fruitful.

Focus does not exist without Will, it requires an effort to concentrate energy/attention.

And creating focus has a purpose, to focus on something. Focus presupposes action and is preceded by planning and decision.

Thus, the focus is preceded by the choice of target/action. Then comes directing of attention/energy to the chosen action. Maintaining focus presupposes refraining from deviation until action is completed.

One should not confuse the moment of planning/decision and the moment of focus/action.

Time to plan comes BEFORE, before the moment you want to act. Therefore, a productive day starts with planning the day before, or even earlier, depending on action’s complexity.

The moment of ACTION deserves great respect and sacredness. It has to be fully respected. If you need to interrupt, don't lose focus, interrupt just to do what is strictly necessary and return to the task. Your thought remains on course, it does not deviate to another purpose.

If you stop on the motorway to fuel up or take a meal, afterwards you don't go in the opposite direction, you return to the same road in the same direction.

Taking a BREAK is not interrupting for nothing, it is something planned. The timing for a break can be adjusted as convenient, but the break is necessary and serves a purpose. Just like when you pull off the road to fill up or take a break from driving. The purpose of break is getting back to ACTION with more FOCUS.

FOCUS is energy directed with concentration, firmness and strength. This concentrated and directed energy guarantees quality results.

Even if you are able to do two or three things at the same time, without focus your result will be poorer, there will be failures and errors, waste of time and delays. And even if you are a great “artist” and achieve a good result, ah, you have lost your peace of mind, you have not allowed yourself the enjoyment of being one in the action.

You've done good attention-dispersing training and energy depletion that leaves physical and psychological consequences.

Being a juggler in life, like everything else, has costs: anxiety, exhaustion, imbalance, illness.

Consequently, it is worth rethinking and investing in Focus.

And I finish returning to the beginning, one of the main themes that lead to difficulty in focusing is: making choices.

Is it difficult to choose? Often this happens due to little clarity in defining goals. Now here is another topic worthy of some thought. So be it next time.

Ana Isabel Freitas - Coach and Mentor


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