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About the book and the road

in in "Equanimity - Feeling Peace in a World in Revolution", p.15, Maitreya Publications

In the cosmic context of the 21st century Earth, when people feel lost amidst too much information that they are unable to select and digest, this book offers a systemic view of human life that is not based on a specific philosophical or spiritual current and provides guidance for a more enjoyable and meaningful life.

The vision is not shared as a dogma that will rescue you from any problem, but is offered as an inspiration to develop the awareness of your Presence and to seek holistic self-realisation according to your natural wisdom.

This book is intended for self-taught people who seek to develop their individuality consciously and to use free will responsibly. The implicit vision is that, after childhood, human beings can educate themselves, namely through the free exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences.

Life shows us that humanity develops harmoniously when human beings learn and progress in a collaborative way. In this context, I have made the result of my quest to understand Life available to everyone, without the intention of defining any dogmatic approach or claiming any philosophical position.

The object of the book consists of a set of themes with an explanatory content about the dynamics of life, and a guiding content for the journey of the individual, selected and systematised so as to lead the reader to the realisation of what is stated in the subtitle: to feel peace in a world in revolution.

After the introductory chapter, the writing begins with a reflection on the classic subject-object dialectic of knowledge (Chapter 2); it then flows, according to the chosen approach, to the understanding of what Life is: moving from the general external context of Natural Laws (Chapter 3) to the individual who asks - Who am I? Where do I come from? (Chapter 4). Because, although the search for knowledge starts from within - Who am I? - if the mind is not nourished with some understanding about the ways of Life, it will continue to nurture doubts, rejections, fears and all sorts of obstacles to the positive evolution of the Being.

This is followed by some guidelines on fundamental aspects of Life (chapters 5 to 8) that combine explanatory comments with advice on the themes selected as relevant for holistic personal development, to overcome suffering and disorientation and thus enhance well-being and a sense of peace. The perspective offered is inspired by the complementarity of the science of Yoga and the teachings of Jesus as guidance for initiates on the High Path.

The final part of the book (chapters 9 and 10) concerns the broader historical vision of human evolution, and the understanding of the present moment from the perspective of true humanism, with optimism and contributing to the collective future in accordance with Universal Ethics. The last chapter is dedicated to the structuring values of the New Human Society.

The writing takes on a spiral format. The issues come and go, since we human beings cannot give any subject away. All problems resurface at a later moment from a different or higher perspective.

Therefore, the other chapters related to a theme are indicated as follows: High ideal - that is, see the chapter "High ideal".

It may well happen that this book raises many questions for you and then you realise that you start to research various topics. Then, good, since the development of critical thinking is much more useful, than collecting dogmatic answers.

At the end of the book, I mention the main sources of the factual knowledge I have collected. Many answers and inspirations that I have obtained have arisen from observing the flow of Life and Nature in a reflected way and in connection with my Higher Self.

With this book I intend to raise awareness and inform you about various themes that are not always considered important or the object of reflection. It has not been possible to address in greater depth all the issues dealt with, nor to always suggest solutions or remedial strategies.

Each time I reviewed the manuscript, I had to update it, as my day-to-day learnings change my understanding and view of Life.

Therefore, the decision to close this version for editing and publication was similar to a birth, it happened at the very moment when the newborn was ready, although not perfect.

While reading, take time to breathe, to reflect and to taste before swallowing. This is an intense journey that requires space and time.

Unlike an irresistible novel, this book should not be read too quickly or in a hurry. The subjects covered require reflection and often rereading, especially if they are new to you.

Have a good journey!

Ana Isabel Freitas - Coach and Mentor


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