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Collective Coaching Session

How to control my reactivity?

14th June from 18h30 to 20h00 at Escola da Felicidade (R. da Carreira, 100, 3º, sala Z)

What if you can use a method to guide you in answering instead of reacting?

Wouldn't it be great to avoid emotional outbursts or repressing anger?

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Community in Action

Online Circles take place on a regular weekly or monthly basis. They have a community-based purpose and participation constitutes a commitment to common benefits, to awaken solidarity in the individual and to get involved in the desired social and cultural changes.

In circle

The initial preparation induces relaxation, includes breathing exercises and builds focus.

Further guidance develops creative visualization and brings alignment on the common purpose.

The Circle's energy is directed towards life harmonization on planet Earth in accordance with Ethics and with respect for Natural Laws.

It is a co-creation work that generates tranquility.

Regular circles happen on Tuesdays and monthly on the 23rd, in the evening.

Immersion events

These events have a theme, they last one or more days and aim at diving in depth into the theme. Not only to reflect but also to feel, create space and generate together a new shared vision.

Participation in the event enhances individual transformation, towards liberation and regeneration. Each person is invited to commit to improvement that ensures the transfer of gains obtained during the "immersion" to daily life.

Last Event

Last event: Collective Coaching Session: How to guarantee I take good decisions?  

14th May at Escola da Felicidade (Funchal)


The Training events open to the general public aim to deepen a subject from a pragmatic perspective in order to bring clarification and acquisition of tools and skills for a more fulfilled life.

Training for organizations is tailor-made or selected from the range on offer.

30-minute info session Free