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Coaching is a dynamic, fun and effective process. Dare to try!

Ana Isabel Freitas

Coach and Mentor

The counseling and personal guidance work that I have been doing for 15 years has allowed me to explore with clients their originality, to detect their most pressing needs and to support them in identifying solutions to transcend their blockages, reduce their levels of suffering and stress and improve their well-being and integral health.

As a trainer, yoga teacher and therapist, my pedagogic and mentoring skills were honed. However, it was through consistent effort in personal development that I have learned to enter into a deeply empathic relationship with "the other". And the improvement of intuition has proved to be the key to detecting, among a vast array of possibilities, which factors are relevant, the root of the problem and the feasible solution.

Nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than helping a coachee resolve a personal issue and with gratitude I receive the feedback I share with you here.

Why Coaching?

Do you experience difficulty when having to take decisions?

Do you feel confused when trying to decide?

Do you find it hard to manage so many responsibilities on your own?


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Coaching, what for?

To overcome your difficulties and feel more satisfied with your life.

The problem is not your living conditions, but what you do with them.

decision - focus - action

If you trust me with your time, you will benefit from guidance that will reassure you and bring about results.

"Make time in your busy life to invest in yourself, because when you do, you will be investing in your future."
Joe Dispenza
page 398, in "Como se tornar sobre-humano" (title in English "Becoming Supernatural")


This is my first book "Equanimity - Feeling Peace in a World in Revolution" (being translated). It was developed as a tool at your disposal to bring clarity of vision, fulfillment and well-being.


28th June from 18h30-20h00 at Escola da Felicidade (Funchal)

Collective Coaching Session

How to control my reactivity?

I organize Wellbeing and Personal Development Events – meditation circles, yoga classes, collective coaching sessions, workshops and immersion events.

Group work and sharing bring meaning to life.

Blog is debate's spot

I kick off reflection through texts of diverse nature: concept's definition, thoughts on life and excerpts from my book "Equanimity".