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Experiencing peace in a world in revolution: am I making you a promise or am I challenging you?

The book reminds you that internal stability (hence, equanimity) is the source of well-being. Consequently, you need to develop the ability to overcome traumas and preserve the joy of living.

Here you will find useful orientation and if you accept the challenge, you will fulfill the promise!



Most of the subjects you address are not new to me, but the way you expose is; the way you link the issues has helped me immensely in tidying up my core.
Ana Isabel Paquete
Teacher and Natural Therapist
Grateful for your fantastic reflections that open the Consciences to perspectives which are more balanced, harmonious, healthy and free. How nice that you wrote this book.
Maria Sacramento Santos
Public Relations and Hypnotherapist
The little girl who ever since childhood has been willing to help her colleagues and continues to support us with her book. Now it is my turn to say thank you and to be able to enjoy your teachings."
Fátima Rodrigues
Primary School Teacher
My Bible! Even without knowing that the author would insert in the book citations from the oldest book in the world, I said: my Bible is on its way. I recommend it to anyone interested in looking at the world from another perspective.
Sandra Costa
Auditora Interna
I highly recommend it, a real modern day SURVIVAL GUIDE!
Systemic Consultant and Constellator
It was a pleasure listening to you, as always.... doubled now by reading the book, extraordinarily well written, communicating with the brain, with the heart and with the soul of so many people.
Sandra J. Fernandes
Many congratulations on your magnificent work. I consider the reading of this book a therapy. I recommend it!
Susana Vilhena
I witnessed all the work and sacrifice that the writing this book involved, authored by a very special person. I would like to recommend all my friends to read it, being certain that it carries the experience of a life of introspection and learning always employed in favor of those around her. Congratulations on the completion of your first book, Mum!
Luís M. D. Borges
Real Estate Consultant

Featured theme

Karma, Free Will and Justice

"Jesus said, Whatever a man sows, he shall reap in return." - Pg.36

"There is no such thing as bad luck. Bad luck is the consequence of everything we have neglected, whether consciously or unconsciously. And good luck is the result of the good seeds we have planted, consciously or unconsciously." - Pg.36

Did you know that...

Not accepting what is to be lived according to your plan of existence (karma), makes you waste time and suffer, then the results are not what you expected, frustration arises, you get confused and unmotivated.

What's in your plan of existence?! Is there a plan? Who has conceived it?

Shall we find answers?

Sharing excerpts from the book

I as the author in dialogue with my book share with you - the reader - reflections and developments on certain passages.