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Channelling and messages by inspiration

in "Equanimity - Feeling Peace in a World in Revolution", p.195, Maitreya Publications

Channeling consists of receiving communication from one or more extraphysical entities, the individual serving as a channel for the transmission of the message between our three-dimensional world and a more subtle dimension.

The medium experiences a more or less profound state of trance and, during the transmission, may maintain his/her consciousness (half-incorporation) or not (total incorporation). Generally, the medium's voice changes and may even act differently from usual.

Some people develop this ability naturally and others are taught it by experienced mediums.

Receiving messages through inspiration is a different process from channelling. In this case, the recipient receives the message as one who listens internally to a conversation. He can verbalise what he hears and record it, with no change of voice, or write it down as he hears it.

The process itself is very simple and takes place during introspection, in inner silence, whether the person is alone or not.

As with all metaphysical experiences, the correctness of the procedures and the validity of the messages can only be assessed over time and after cross-checking with more tangible events - verifiable by observation or deduction.

For those who have experienced or witnessed a transmission event, it is as real as being alive here and now.

Today, there are many websites where mediums and receivers of messages share them with their study groups or the general public. The proliferation of messages is natural in this age of awakening humanity. <New Humanity

Many people testify to having received enlightenment and help through messages by inspiration and I am one of them, both as a recipient and as a reader of messages received by others. Nevertheless, I recall my general recommendation to feel the energies involved in the process and do the fact-checking before creating confidence and taking them for granted.

Ana Isabel Freitas - Coach and Mentor


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